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With the new 360° video recording technology, we can now capture everything from all angles, in real time. By capturing your events from all directions, we are able to provide a unique perspective to any viewer. The 360° experience allows the viewers to relive or share experiences from all directions. Like never before, we can capture the complete picture of the world, at that moment in time. This allows us to preserve your memories and images in a virtual capacity. Not only can you capture moments like never before, but you can share them with the world.

360 Degree Filming is always open to the idea of a business-to-business collaboration or project sponsorship. If you are a production company looking to shoot something new and exciting, we’d love to work with you. Shoot us an email on our contact page or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to work out the details of accomplishing a great 360 production.

Rent or buy one of our incredible 360 LAZRIGS for the ultimate 360 shooting experience. These laser cut rigs are easy to assemble and operate, and can be modified to house just about any GoPro or HD action cam you choose. Available in laser cut acrylic or wood, with camera options ranging from 2 to 24! Check out more on

Make your 360 dreams come to life. Using editing software by Kolor, we at 360 Degree Filming offer video stitching services that will put your panoramic HD video in it’s final form. If you’re interested in learning how to stitch videos on your own using the Kolor software, we also offer online tutorials, classes, and seminars on how to navigate the program so you yourself can become a master of 360 video stitching.

Hire us to help shoot your 360 content. If you have an idea or a project, we’re always happy to offer assistance for whatever 360 visions you want to make a reality. We cover all aspects of filming and photography, with experience in putting together projects like short films, virtual tours, music videos, and many more.