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Equipment Review – LG 360 CAM Spherical Camera

The LG 360 Spherical Camera is a reasonably straight forward concept, placing a full 3-deminsional field-of-view into the palm of your hand. A pair of 200-degree, 13-megapixel lenses are stitched together to create the LG 360’s breath-taking depth. Although you don’t get the submersion that the LG VR headset provides, it’s still one of the most interesting innovations to be introduced recently.

This year, selfie lovers will be stuffing Instagram pages with 3D photographs. Sure the LG 360 looks like a portable electric razor, but the tech world is clamoring to get their hands on this hot new toy, and rightly so. Users will feel like they’ve stepped out of the latest James Bond movie. It can support external memory up to 2T, but who knows when a microSD that large will become available. The sleek, cylindrical case doubles as a detachable camera grip, which is convenient. It can pair with Bluetooth computers, specifically the LG5, which makes transferring files faster and easier.

One of the downsides, although not unexpected, is having to spring for a new phone in order to enjoy all the 360’s capabilities. Paired with the LG5, it gives you more control via the native “Friends” app, which converts the phone into a remote, allowing you to observe your recordings in real time. The app includes manual camera adjustments, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is a great feature for photographers. Otherwise, you’re left at the mercy of the few controls built onto the camera.