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Equipment Review – Nikon KeyMission VR Action Camera

Since Nikon is one of the most recognizable names in digital video and photography, it comes as no surprise that it would eventually develop its own action camera. However, the company went a step further, unveiling its new VR action camera, proving it can still hold its own. The Nikon KeyMission VR Action Camera records a full 360-degree angle, beating major players, like GoPro and Sony, to the 3D market. Although it has only allowed a sneak peek at the KeyMission, Nikon has managed to generate plenty of anticipation. Here’s some of what we know so far:

It’s waterproof down to 100ft, a feature that is great to have, but pretty standard. The electric vibration reduction, common among Nikon cameras, should smooth out sudden bumps, and the camera also features shock resistance to 2-meters. Of course it would have to perform exceptionally well to meet the challenged posed by the GoPro‘s shock absorbing capabilities. Overall, outdoor enthusiasts should have a blast with the KeyMission Action Camera.

We know that it has 4K resolution, which would rival the GoPro Hero and Sony FDR-X1000V while surpassing the resolution of some other action cameras currently on the market. It is not likely to display as well as a typical 4K or 1080P device, since the pixels are spread out over a larger viewing area. Therefore, users shouldn’t expect high-end video quality. However, it will work just fine for Facebook and Instagram, and it creates nice backdrops for the new VR headsets.