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Equipment Review – Theta S 360 VR Camera

With 360 degree pictures becoming increasingly popular, the Theta S 360 VR camera is making it very much more easy for the average user to take these pictures. Instead of using multiple cameras in different locations, the Theta uses two lenses to capture these beautiful videos in 1080p high definition with a notable 30 fps while capturing a whopping definition of 5376×2688 resolution for images.

The most impressive thing about this Theta camera is the accessibility and usability on social media. Compatible with Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, the Theta is no joke when it comes to its variability. Similarly, the theta has two ways it can export and even live stream its videos: a micro USB port and a HDMI port type-d output.

Content can be saved to its 8 gb of flash storage. However, only a modest 4 gb of that is dedicated to video content. One cool feature of this device is the ability to use and change its 3 different shooting modes from a smart phone using its built in wifi connection which has been upgraded to be 4 times as fast as the previous models. At just under $350, this camera is a good price considering the competition out there for 360 degree imaging solutions.