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Equipment Review – VSN Mobil VR Sports Camera

Wearable cameras for still photography and videos have earned a secure niche in the realm of electronic devices and the VSN Mobile VR Sports Camera is a positive addition.


The camera kit includes mounts for bikes, helmets and other mounting requirements. The camera produces high definition images that look good played back on computers and big screen TVs. It includes the ability to be set in a motion-detection mode, so it could serve some security uses or help to capture photos and videos of wildlife. It offers WiFi and USB connectivity options and a smartphone operation. 

Operation of the camera is simple with the included remote or a smartphone application. A micro SD slot accepts memory cards of up to 128 GB and long-life battery permits up to two hours of continuous video recording. The VSN HD Camera is sturdy to resist shock and dust and it is waterproof to a depth of three feet for 30 minutes, so a rainy or snowy day is no problem.


Some users expressed disappointment that the camera does not come with a full-fledged printed manual. People with large fingers might find the battery door and the memory card difficult to access. Another common complaint was that the camera has no external controls. Others objected to the camera’s description as a 360 degree-capable camera when in actuality it is panoramic in a horizontal plane. When the camera is used to shoot still pictures in the burst mode, the resolution of the images drops significantly.