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How To Edit 360 Degree Video

So you’ve finally got some great shots of 360 video. Now it’s time to edit and create a polished final product. The basic steps of editing involve importing, synchronizing, stitching the takes together, and further tune-ups. Now is the time to choose which software programs to use. Here are three software programs that can help with the editing process: Kolor Autopano Video Pro 2, Kolor Autopano Video Giga 4, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Kolor Autopano Video is a video stitching software. The Pr0 2 version allows for automatic analyzation, stitching, stabilization and rendering of videos. The Giga version provides, even more, tools for a perfect stitch such as the ability to make templates for better control points. Adobe Premiere Pro is a video-and-photo-editing software. This program allows you to adjust the color gradient, logo, sound, and more for your 360 videos.

Steps to Take Before Filming for Easier Editing

Want to make editing your GoPro 360 video even easier? There are a few things you should do before shooting to make this process go by faster. Make sure all of your GoPros are at the highest frame rates (we shot at a frame rate of 29.97 with the Hero4 Black). Use a 4×3 aspect ratio or stitching will be more complicated. Make sure you have a GoPro facing down to the ground to fill the bottom position of the frame. Give a solid clap as a solid sync point. Use Anchor 10-port USB Hub & the Transcend micro SD card to import clips simultaneously.

  • Name SD cards separately
  • Format micro SD cards before you shoot
  • Check the frame rates

To sync and stitch in Kolor Autopano Video Pro 2 and Autopano Giga 4:

  1. Create SD card for each camera for all of the takes
  2. Make sure all clips are in the correct order
  3. Use stitching software Kolor Autopano Pro Video Pro 2
  4. Drag and drop clips into window
  5. Sync using audio
  6. Apply
  7. Stitch
  8. Apply

To fix the horizon and blend in Autopano Giga 4

  1. Pull down on video to straighten the horizon
  2. Apply
  3. Go to “Edit Settings”, “Edition Tab”, and select “Auto-Cut Transitions Before Editing”.
  4. Click on the Horizon Tool, then Computer Stabilization, which will scan and stabilize the shot.
  5. Doubleclick horizon tab and stitch out to length of whole clip
  6. Continue process of dragging and applying until you have the perfect horizon
  7. Export and render in Autopano Pro

To edit in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Once you’re done stitching in Autopano, open your video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Do whatever you need to finally put together your video. You can correct the color and add a title. You should be aware of the edge of the frame size, the size of the title, and any other aesthetic issues. Before saving and exporting as a mp4, make sure it meets the following settings:

  • Frame size: 3840x 1920
  • Frame rate: 29.97
  • mp4 size h.264 Kodek

Final Steps

Just click, export and render! Now you have your 360 Video.