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Learning About 360 Video Software

With a number of 360 video software programs out there, it can be hard to decide which program to use in the post-inter-production stage. The first and most important key to finding the software package that works for you is to know your needs and limits. Do you need something that is comprehensive and automatic? Do you want a software package that comes with just the basics? Do you want to save money? Or, do you want to purchase the best software your money can buy? This will significantly matter in choosing which program you use. Do your research, both on-line and through hands-on use. Read as many product reviews and step-to-step articles as you can. Watch as many tutorials as you need. Practice stitching and editing some of your videos with the software to become more acquainted.

Study Up

Some software is free, while other programs offer trial periods which are perfect to see if the program will work for you. Sometimes you can also find advice in the FAQ section of the site. When I first started learning about 360 Video and the post-production process, I was very confused. These videos and articles helped me better understand which software to use and how to use it: How to Shoot, Edit, and Upload 360-Degree Videos Suggests cameras and software for shooting and putting together your 360 videos. How to stitch and edit 360° video! | Post-Production | YouTube Space LA Breezes you through the process of stitching and editing 360-degree Videos shot with several GoPros using Kolor Autopano Pro and Giga, Kolor Eyes, and 360 Video Metadata. 360Heros’ Jeremy Sciarappa goes through the pre, inter, and post-processing steps for creating a 360 Video using a GoPro array. Check out the useful tips he offers in this short video 360 Video Tutorial Tips and Tricks.

  • Think about the best software package for you
  • Research what is out there
  • Trial-and-error

What I Recommend

Through trial-and-error,  I’ve found which programs work best for me. I really like Kolor Autopano, VideoStitch, and Adobe Premiere Pro. These video editing programs make the process of editing and stitching as simple as possible and provide many controls to make my the best video. Kolor Autopano is a video-stitching software. It works best if you shot your takes using a spherical array of GoPros but you can try the demo version for free. VideoStitch, as the name intends, is another video-stitching software. Their applications streamline 360 Video editing and they offer a free download as well. Adobe Premiere Pro is used after everything is stitched together. Enhance your video through automatic and manual controls such as HDR scopes and Lumetri controls, automatic saving to the Cloud, mobile-to-desk editing, and multi-project workflows.