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Which 360 Cameras are Best for 4K Videos

360 degree, 4K video is the best footage you can get right now. The combination of the two is perfect for shooting virtual reality in film and 3d video. I have rounded up four of the cameras I think are best for shooting 360-degree 4K video. I chose them based on their value, usability, processing power, and (of course) the quality of the images produced.

GoPro Hero4 Black

This camera is great for shooting high-resolution 4k photos and videos. It shoots 30 frames per second for 12MP photos and 240 fps in slow motion with 2X the processing power of most cameras, delivering crisp, clear images. It packs a lot of features into a small package, including Night Photo and Night Lapse Modes, Highlight Tag, Auto Low Light mode, and Time Lapse video mode. The Hero4 Black is a go-to solution for 4K video at a reasonable price of $499.

Kodak Pix Pro

The PixPro SP360 4K Action Cam is small but powerful. A small, durable cube, topped with a large spherical lens, it can fit right into the palm of your hand. In addition to high-resolution 4K video, it has a 236-degree field of view. Filming 360-degree film is as easy as mounting two Pix Pros together. At $499, it is affordable and you can literally take it anywhere.

Nikon 360 Key Mission

Share your adventure with Nikon’s 360 Key Mission camera. It is durable, lightweight, and the perfect size for shooting 360-degree videos of your experiences. It is waterproof, able to be taken 100 ft underwater, shockproof, and equipped with 4K ultra-high definition video capabilities. Mount it on your gear and record. The camera hasn’t hit stores yet, but there are rumors that pricing will range around $550.

Nikon D500

This new 4K camera from Nikon will help you capture stunningly beautiful, ultra-high definition photography and videos. It is the most recent camera in the brand’s DX line, which features professional DSLRs. The many upgrades made to the camera include longer shooting time (up to thirty minutes), improved portability, better grip, a pentaprism viewfinder, and an LCD, high-resolution tilting touch screen for faster review of images. The cherry on top for this equipment is the high speed and quality at which it shoots. It shoots at 200 frames of 14 bit RAW and a 20.9-megapixel sensor, the highest you can get without slowing down the processing speed. To get 360-degree footage, just mount the camera on a 360 camera mount and rotate for each shot. While officially announced, the product hasn’t hit the consumer market, but the expected price is around $2,000.