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360 Degree Wedding Videos

360 Degree Wedding Videos

Stand out from the crowd and capture it all with surround video

It is our goal at 360 Degree Filming LLC to capture those precious memories from all angles. You will never have to worry about angles and where to point the camera. 360° filming allows collection from a full view perspective, the front, back, and on the sides. Your special moments can be filmed to create the awesome video for cherished eternal memories, that everyone can enjoy. The 360° technology is available to be viewed on any smart device, such as computers, tablets, and smart phones. You will be ahead of the game by using this new technology.

Surround Video

YouTube has been the force that has produced many of the new technologies available in the world of filming. Through their efforts, virtual reality viewing is now available to the common household. The 360 technology is available to be viewed on any smart device as well as virtual reality or VR headsets. We are offering the unique and exclusive service for capturing the best quality footage for your wedding or event.  

Live Streaming

IThere are times that as much as you or a family member would want, they are not going to be able to attend your special event. The answer for this is to offer live streaming, creating the ability for your loved ones to watch online in real time.

Why Choose 360?

This is the next best way to capture your cherished day or event. 360 technology is the next big thing in recording your event. Not only can more be captured for a lesser price, but there is no limit on how the event can be shared. 360 Degree Filming is the only company in the area offering this technology in the area at this time.

Preserving Your Memories

We know that preserving your memories can be expensive. This is why we offer special recording packages with a tailored payment plan to meet your individual circumstances.


$499 $200 Deposit
  • 360° Ceremony Filming
  • Includes all captured footage on USB
  • Free VR headset


$2,499 $500 Deposit - $400/mo (5 Months)
  • 360° Ceremony Filming
  • 360° Reception Filming
  • 360° Wedding Photography 
  • Includes all captured footage on USB
  • Free VR headset
For more information on 360° Filming, contact us now! We offer filming services between events, weddings, concerts and even 360° Photography! We look forward to bringing your moments to life!
360 Degree Filming came to my wedding and shot the entire event! It was so exciting to see if afterwards. I love the fact that people can move around and see everything, as if they are really there. This is awesome because I have a lot of family that lives in Texas, so I was able to just send them the YouTube link, and they watched it like they were there! Thank you 360 Degree Filming!

Megan Shaggerty

I really wanted to write a testimonial for 360 Degree Filming because of their amazing professionalism! I contacted them about filming my wedding in November. They were so informative and very professional. They put me in the books immediately and told me the process and procedures. I can’t WAIT to have them film my wedding!!!

Lauryn Williams

Hey Everyone! MizzNekol here! I wanted to give a recommendation for 360 Degree Filming! They shot my music video, which was the first 360 degree music video in Kansas City! It was so nice and professional. They came out, did the shoot quickly and efficiently, and then once it was done I was AMAZED. Especially when I looked at my music video through the VR goggles. It was like I was standing right there. For those who want something bigger and better – this is the way to go! Thanks ya’ll!


Hello, my name is Angel. I saw MizzNekol’s 360 degree music video on Facebook, and I immediately contacted 360 degree filming to book my own! They were very kind and professional, and within a week, my video was shot and up on YouTube! They are so fast and do truly amazing work! Thank you so much!



Can I get more info on how it works?

Yes, if you head to our information page, we tell all about who we are and what we can do for you! Otherwise, you can contact us with any further questions.

Will my distant relatives be able to watch 360 degree videos?

Yes! You are able to send them a CD, USB, YouTube link, or if you make use of our live streaming service, they will be able to watch the wedding as it is taking place in real time.

How can this type of video be viewed on each device?

Experiencing 360 degree videos is easy. For a PC or laptop, click play, then drag your mouse across the screen to navigate the video. Touch screen devices are similar as you just touch and drag the screen. You can also alter the screen direction to see all angles as any smart device will adjust to your body movement. VR headsets are soon to be available on our shop page. By placing your smart phone in one of our virtual reality headsets, you can immerse yourself in any 360 degree video.

What do I get?

Our technology is extremely rare. 360 Degree Filming is the first to provide this high quality 360 degree filming service on the Kansas City area. Starting in June 2016, you will have the opportunity to capture your wedding day or events in a way that has never been possible before.

What is the difference between regular video and 360 degree video?

Regular video uses just one camera lens to capture flat, rectangular footage. 360 degree videos are captured with multiple lenses so when you view the footage, you can look left, right, forward, behind, up and down. This means the entirety of a scene is captured for viewing.

How can I pay?

At 360 Degree Filming, we like to accommodate your needs. If you choose to take advantage of our payment plan options, after you’ve made your initial deposit to lock in your date, we will set up a weekly direct debit transfer. You are able to use paypal, visa, mastercard or direct bank transfer. Otherwise, you can contact us about our outright payment incentives.


For more information on our wedding services, payment plans, or to set a date for your 360 degree film production, please contact us with your name, email and request. We look forward to hearing from you!