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360 Video Stitching – Learn How or Hire Us

What is Video Stitching?

Video stitching is the act of putting multiple videos to fit together like puzzle pieces, to create one panoramic or 360 degree video. The process of stitching includes taking all of the video files, that are placed at different angles, and merging them into one big collective picture. For example: If we record a video with our Lazrig 7, we would then have to place each of the individual 7 video files into our software, to create the 360 degree video.

Learn to Stitch

To learn video stitching takes time, effort and the proper stitching equipment. There are many types of stitching software out there, so just do your research and find what would best suit your stitching needs. If you are just doing a few basic videos, you wouldn’t need a super complex software, like someone who would being doing full productions.

Hire Us to Stitch Your Videos

Some people may simply not have the time to learn or do their own video stitching, and that’s where we come in. We are completely available to be hired to stitch your video files for you! All you have to do is drop off your video files with us, and have a completed video when we’re done. It’s quick and simple when you do it with us!