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360 VR Content – Collaborations & Project Sponsorships

Content Creation

360 Degree Filming is the new wave of technology! With 360 videos, you can bring any content to life. Whether you are creating a promotional video for your services, an informational video about your company or simply a tour of your business – we can help you! Here at 360 Degree Filming, we offer a new and exciting way to create your content and bring it to life!

There are many ways to do 360 videos! We can do animation videos, real life videos and even green screen videos for any purpose! The options are endless. To book us for your content creation, go to the Services Page.


We are searching for film makers and/or companies that have projects they would like to do in 360 virtual reality or have VR be a part of. We are always looking for ways to collaborate and work together. So if you are a film maker that wants to do a 360 video, contact us. If you are a company that would like to try incorporating virtual reality into your business or promotions, contact us! You can schedule a call by clicking the button below.


At 360 Degree Filming, we are passionate about Virtual Reality! We love to incorporate virtual reality into every aspect of business, marketing and promotions. We have a full 1600 foot studio that is fully ready for any photo / video need to bring your projects to life!

If you are outside of Kansas City, and have a limited budget to work with, you can apply to have your project sponsored!