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Explaining How 360 Videos Work on Mobile Devices

You can watch 360 videos anywhere on your own phone. Manufacturers of headsets and VR technology make it easier to simply download a video, put on your gear, and enjoy your video. You would be surprised at the number of films that have been made specifically for watching 360 panoramic videos. Do you like watching funny cat videos or performances on Youtube? There’s now an app for watching it in 360 formats and there’s nothing to stop you. So relax and find out the number of venues that allow you to sit back and watch 360 videos on your phone.

360 Video Mobile Apps

You can find many apps designed to make watching 360 videos on your phone easier. Some apps set up the software to watch the video and others provide a range of 360 videos to enjoy. Google’s Cardboard app sets up a viewer on your phone, lets you watch 360 videos, recommends other apps for watching 360 videos, and lets you experience demos of their various products such as Earth, Tour Guide, Exhibit, Photosphere, and Artic Journey. YouTube for IOS offers free 360 videos you can watch with your headset, as well as videos in 3D. To watch YouTube’s Anaglyph 3D videos, incorporate a pair of Red-Cyan 3D glasses into your viewer. VRSE is an app that is free in the ITunes or Google Play Store. The app is created for, a production company which has a library of independent films and documentaries designed for VR. Kolor Eyes is also a library of 360 Video content. The app is free and available on Android. You can also download your own videos into the app.Available for $4.99 on Apple and Android, it allows you to download and upload videos into the app for play in a variety of projections modes.

  • YouTube
  • Cardboard
  • VRSE
  • Kolor Eyes
  • VR Player

360 Video Mobile Gear

There are 360 videos you can watch straight on your phone, such as a variety of 360, panoramic videos you can find on YouTube. To truly enjoy the experience, you should use a VR headset or a pair of 3D lenses. There’s Google Card, which you can easily assemble and slide your phone into to watch VR videos. There’s also Samsung’s Gear VR , which you can attach your phone, and watch a variety of VR content. The Oculus Rift has Oculus Video, a virtual movie theater of your favorite videos available for download and streaming. Another tip: Try equipping your Google Cardboard with a pair of Red-Cyan glasses as a low-cost way to watch stereoscopic videos.

Now go forth and prosper…and watch cat videos in 3D.