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Getting to Know Samsung VR

The Gear VR by Samsung is a beautifully designed headset that you can snap your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into to experience virtual reality. Ran by Oculus and designed by Samsung, many of the apps and games available for the Oculus Rift are also available for the Gear VR. The low-cost headset, which is only $99 and now available, is a great way to step into virtual reality if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone. Excitingly, Samsung is offering the Gear VR for free with a purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, or Galaxy S7 edge. The SteelSeries Stratus XL for Windows + AndroidTM can be used with the Gear VR, but is sold separately.

Have Fun, Explore, and Learn

As mentioned before, the Gear VR uses the same platform as the Rift, so many of the games and apps are available for both. Within the app there is a library of virtual reality film shorts available for free. Invasion!, the story of two small bunnies that try to save Earth is also available for both devices. The Samsung VR lets you watch amazing films shot with 360 panoramic video cameras such as:

  • Rose
  • Insurgent: Max VR
  • Samsung + Marvel Avengers
  • Strangers with Patrick Watson
  • And many more amazing VR films

You should also check out: Rococo, a mystery in which you must discover who the murderer is; InMind, where you shrink to explore a neurological problem inside the brain of a patient; and Dream, which invites you to relax, meditate, and watch the galaxy.

How Does the Gear VR Work?

How are you able to experience so many high tech games and apps with just this simple headset and your phone? The phone uses Super AMOLED displays for the most vivid colors and lowered power consumption, immersive 3D video and sound, and an expansive field of view for 360° viewing. It includes sensor on the side of the device and is able to track your head movements so that you can get more involved with the game.
Using the VR Oculus platform, the Gear VR brings many simulated games and 360, virtual reality films and documentaries to life. You now have a portable gaming system, movie theater, and interactive platform to go virtually anywhere all in one. Get yours now to find out what everyone’s been talking about.