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What is a Plug N’ Play Holder?

360Heros’ Plug N’ Play Holder allows you to simplify the process of shooting 360, panoramic videos. The Plug N’ Play Holder is a spherical camera mount that holds several GoPro cameras at a time to capture immersive videos and photos. The mount is designed from a durable lightweight material that allows convenient insertion and removal of the camera. The camera rig has three different mounting positions for varied angles and stitching. The benefits of using a  Plug N’ Play Holder while filming is easier mounting, streamlined video rendering and stitching, as well as keeping 360 cameras secure while shooting. Plug N’ Play Holders put the power to make seamless 360-degree videos in your hand.

Which Plug N’ Play Holder Should You Use?

The Plug N’ Play model you use will depend on your shooting needs and the environment in which you are filming. Models I recommend are: PRO10HD Bullet360; 360Abyss-v4; 360H6. The most recent model is the PRO10HD Bullet360, which has all of the features of previous models but has automatic video and audio syncing technology with a remote. Hinged camera arms allow for easier installation and removal. The model has greater durability due to an anodized aluminum core and increased frame overlap from closer mounting points. The 360 Abyss-v4 is designed for underwater filming. Made from acrylic and aircraft grade polycarbonate, domes provide durability and a clearer resolution. This model also includes a buoyant rig. The 360H6 can be used for all weather conditions with its weatherproof housing. When choosing a camera you are going to need to consider such things as

  • Remote capabilities
  • Durability
  • Mounting requirements
  • Weatherproofing or waterproofing

The 360 Video Experience

So what is 360 Video and why is it getting so much hype? 360 video and filming combines several technologies to provide a truly in-depth, immersive experience. The use of stereoscopic cameras and panoramic video camera systems gives the viewer a rich, expanded view of the scene. The design of the Plug N’ Play Holder uses multiple cameras to capture several viewpoints of the same scene. 360 videos provide the audience with a front-row experience. The expanded panoramic view makes it feel like you’re right there. This new technology is changing the way stories are told and is slowly breaking ground into advanced virtual reality.